The Association for Creativity and Arts in Education

ACAE is a national network of educators concerned with the promotion of creativity and the development of the imagination through the arts. The seeds for the establishment of ACAE, the Association for Creativity and Arts in Education, were sown in the dialogues and practices of a group of primary school teachers involved in teacher professional development for the arts.

ACAE is supported by Dublin West Education Centre.


ACAE has been involved in:

  • Hosting the Creative Schools Award over the past 5 years
  • Responding to national initiatives and proposals around the arts in education
  • Highlighting issues pertaining to arts education in national media
  • Hosting professional development opportunities for teachers
  • Linking with teacher/artist organisations in the promotion of effective partnerships in schools
  • Membership of Encountering the Arts Ireland and Design Team for the Arts in Education Charter CPD summer course
  • Consultation on the Arts in Education Charter
  • Linking on projects with The Pushkin Trust
  • Presenting workshops for students at St Patrick’s College and Marino College

Principal Aims


To be a voice for creative thinking and imaginative expression through arts and education.

Promotion of Creative Teaching

To recognise, support and affirm creative teaching and learning through the Creative Schools Award.


To engage in dialogue as partners with arts bodies, particularly those associated with education, such as the Arts Council, Pushkin Trust, Encountering the Arts Ireland.

Research and Development

To foster and engage in research and development in arts education.

Professional Development

To provide high quality training for teachers through the promotion and provision of regional and local Teacher Professional Communities.


ACAE see the arts and creativity as the means by which we investigate ourselves. Through drama, music, visual arts etc. we explore ourselves as individuals and then as individuals in community examining in detail how we interact with the world around us and the people we encounter. Arts and creativity are, in essence, the core subjects, in that they incorporate all that we know of ourselves physically, spiritually and intellectually. We see the purpose of the arts as the elucidation of truth, the creation of meaning. Thoughts and ideas are clarified, concepts developed, understanding formed and then communicated to others when we share our work. Creativity is an exciting way of deepening children’s understanding of how art works. ACAE aims to give opportunity to further develop children’s "voices" by showing new possibilities. This will be done through supporting and developing teacher’s capacity and bringing out the artist in the teacher as well as the child.