The Creative Schools Award

The Creative Schools Award was officially launched by John Lonnergan in the Ark Cultural Centre on November 12 th 2012. It represents a major initiative in creativity for Irish primary schools. To date over 100 schools have been involved in the Award. The Creative Schools Award is an evidence- based award that celebrates creative teaching and learning in schools. The award places emphasis on the voice of the child in the creative process.

ACAE believes education is about enabling children to develop ways of seeing, being, understanding, communicating, hearing, etc. We believe that education is the exploration of the possible and we look to expand children's and teachers' artistic and creative horizons. The Creative Schools Award is a core element in the promotion and celebration of the imaginative possibilities that all children encounter in schools.

Creativity is an exciting way of deepening children's understanding of how imagination and innovation works. The Creative Schools Award aims to give opportunity to further develop children's “voices” by showing new possibilities. This will be done through supporting and developing teacher's capacity and bringing out the “artist “in the teacher as well as the child.

Taking part in the Creative Schools Project requires teachers and children to focus on the process involved in developing a creative project. Teachers reflect on their own teaching approaches and show the ways that children can be encouraged to come up with new ideas, the ways that projects can change direction and lead down new and exciting avenues.

In order to achieve the Creative Schools Award projects need to have evidence of the following:

1. Children's Voice

Children leading projects

2. Teacher Reflection

Teachers and pupils reflect on the process on an on-going basis

3. The Creative Process

Creativity and imagination are central to the process

4. The Creative Spark Throughout the School

How is this project impacting on the rest of the school

Here's what teachers say about the Creative Schools Award

The ACAE is the "refresh" button for teachers. A warren of new ideas, creative people, all working together toward a similar goal and giving a new perspective on education. A rewarding experience pupils and teachers alike

Anthony O Flynn, St Josephs BNS, Terenure
Encapsulating the Bofield NS Senior Room's experience of our participation in the Creative Schools Award into a few sentences is a difficult task as my pupils and I could wax lyrical about one of the most rewarding educational experiences we have collectively engaged with for pages! As a teacher and educator, it provided both the impetus and the platform for planning an integrated cross-curricular project. And therein lies the magic of the Creative Schools Award - natural connections - children learning and leading their own learning ensuring that our project, Looking at History with Eyes Wide Open, was a creative, collaborative, dynamic learning experience for all involved. We are already brainstorming for next year!

Karen Brogan, Bofield NS, Mayo

If you are interested in taking part in the Creative Schools Award please Register on the site or Contact the ACAE Committee